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Tune for your hard times.


My emerging glory is a palm tree
My current sufferings- grass
Shortly they will pass
But flunk the test of time And that's
According to the Word that never fails everlasting
For those who were not in class
James, Peter, Paul
Testified in thier chapters
In the mouth of two or more
The truth is established
Nothin' you can say will stop my rise out this casket

Now What you going through?
Consider it a tube
Something you are going through
A process of molding homies
From the old into the new
Let my tune be the fuel
Sparking up the hope in you
Yes God o...

Is establishing your feet
Why don't you put your hands up
In surrender
And in praise
So whateva
Let it rain
When it's summer
Let it blaze
All together
To create
Faith that is purer than pure gold
Faih that will
Never Surrender (rpt)


released August 27, 2012
Instrumental by D-Flow




eMJOY Lagos, Nigeria

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