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For our times of stress and anxiety, I recommend the presence of the King (BÀÁLẸ) (Jesus)


Omo mehn what a hard day
Back from work for the large pay
Home to wants of a family
wife and kids
And a unc' and a aunty
Ask why the unc' and the aunt?
they hear say I grind
And they want the tatase
That's the pepper
The paper
dough be the need?
gotta I knead like a baker

Then later
I got a late text from a Kayla
She say she wanna meet in a spot
I Connected the dots
the spot be a laser
Points from a gun no be taser
Boys gotta run like a race car
N I got one destination
Above the nations
the midst of my Savior


In the presence of the Baale
everybody now do bale
Lay your burdens Isaale (Down)
And we wont return the same; no way

Verse 2

Wole wa
Wole wa
Wole wa

Travel no farther
You're no Gulliver

Now please
What's up with these burdens
Up in your biz?
You look for G's
You need the ease

Jeez... Ease...
Don't you see
right up in the name
Before -US?

I don't do drugs
I do just one
The omnipotent
Is all I need
To get high up
tribulation, trouble, trials undergone
To get my stress distressed
Like a jammed program
Get refreshed
in that injection
infection cleansed, I'm blessed



Let's groove
And slide
Like bride and groom
We on fire
They wan' Douse that flame?

Wa sere
This love No kere
Won bere
Bo se se
O se pe
No le le?!

Last verse:

No place like home
My Life line no phone
I'm Never alone
I've been bought
by the Lamb on the throne
Like a window
No receding
Through the seasons
Day or the evening
The Week or the weekend
Preceding my breathing
I need it, I lean in
I'm Reaching for ceilings
Till I'm sealed in


released January 5, 2013




eMJOY Lagos, Nigeria

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