Believe, Hope and Love. EP

by eMJOY

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6. JASI (bonus track)

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If we're ever going to see our HOPES realized, we'll have to BELIEVE they are possible beyond all doubt; and that takes inspiration from LOVE. Love coming from your mum, a friend, God, and/or me...

Download the BHL (Believe, Hope and Love) EP for free today, my gift of love to inspire your faith to achieve your hopes. #BHLeMJOY #BeInspired #YesGod JOY


released October 29, 2014

Vocal assistance on 'Believe' by Mia (of Love Movement 4:16)
Vocal assistance on 'Hope' and 'Love' by Malaika Browne (@layd_o)
Vocal assistance on 'Love (Ife)' by Temi Ayeni

All tracks produced by Daramola, D-Flow, except Jasi - instrumental by 123Mrk
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dominic Dot Okune, Mississauga, Canada.




eMJOY Lagos, Nigeria

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Track Name: Believe (Purer 2)
How can I do this?
My observations, the studies, science, they all show me what's been done and what's undone.
I'm gonna need to believe...
to do the undone:

What I need is faith (repeated 4x)

Verse 1:
Have you ever walked through the valley of the shadow of death
where it's hard to think straight
From down here, my eye is on the hole in your ears,
and I'm trying to spit straight
till the 'I' in my saliva
like a driver, switches car seats
from riding hard beats
to riding heartbeats
now would you kindly
ride by me
I'm trying to find light leading out my valley
(yea, yea)

(just wear your seat belt;
yea that's fine)

Have you ever been in limbo,
where they speak a foreign lingo
until you hear you saying 'Chimo'
meaning G-O-D in Igbo?
cuz if you ever make it out
You pray it's never underground
You pray that heaven is the route
God never heard me by my loudness and therefore what I'm needing now is...


What I need is faith

It's what I need, what I need, what I need...

What I need is faith
- Faith that's purer than pure gold
What I need is faith
- Faith that will never surrender

Verse 2:
So, couple weeks ago, I got a new job
cool stuff
Praise God, now that's behind me
Now before me is a new door
My new boss is asking me to prove worth
unless I won't be here for too long
Shey you see I'm in a valley?
But gladly, or sadly,
She's taking a vacation for a full month,
When she returns we'll know my true worth
Or if I'll need a new job
(Jesu, e gba mi)

Well couple weeks ago I had my CD debut, ha
Shout out all of you who came through
and all of you who gave too
I've feeling fresh-man
I'm very grateful, yea
But according to the science/signs
How many sophomores tend to do as great too
accordingly for breakthrough
What I need is faith



Never surrender (repeated)


(Notice any error in the lyrics, please notify eMJOY- @emjoychannel on Twitter or by email Thanks)
Track Name: HOPE
Produced by Daramola, aka D-Flow
My name is Mayowa, aka eMJOY

I bring you hope...
(Danfo, Danfo driver dance)

bring you hope...
Hold on....

Verse 1:
I used to hope to do the great
just like you
I used to hope
used to hope that '88
my birth date was indication
used to hope that I would rap
with an impact you can't deny
Used to hope to spit the truth
They used to say, "you too dey lie"
I bring you...

I bring you hope (yea)
Latch onto this with your ropes (of faith)
Whatever you do don't let
Don't let it, Don't let it, Don't
Don't let, Don't let it go
Don't let it go... but hold on

Verse 2:
Used to hope to curb the sickness
Like my doctor father used to
Used to hope to learn this business
give you value, get from you too
Used to hope for truth so appealing
People would listen
Used to hope to share my conviction
both Muslims and Christians
I bring you hope

Hook (2ce)

Verse 3:
Now I hope that 416,
knows we're more than 419
Now I hope that Naija,
has hope to more than cope
I just hope that I don't sound like anybody that you know
I hope you jam this Gbedu in your party
-Yes o
(I bring you....)

Hook (2ce)

Verse 4:
I used to hope for 3 square meals
back when I had less than one
I used to hope to work Downtown
back when I left my first job
I used to hope for more to say
Than just 3 verses
Used to hope to write without writing,
guess how I wrote this?
I bring you...

Hook (2ce)

I bring you hope
why let you down (2ce)
I bring you hope
why let you down, can't let you down
Now give me hope
Don't let me down, Don't let me down
I need your hope... Lord
Don't let me down

I bring you hope
why let you down (2ce)
I bring you hope
why let you down, can't let you down
Now give me hope
Don't let me down, Don't let me down
I need your hope... Lord
Can't let me down (alright now)

Hope (3ce)
(Danfo, Danfo driver dance)

Don't, Don't, Don't, Don't let it go...

Hook (2ce)
Track Name: JASI (Understand)
So, I just recently learned that where purpose isn't clearly stated, offense is generated; so let me just make some things clear about the purpose and where this is all coming from.

My mother thought it best,
to get her kids out to the west,
to learn with leaders of the rest
The south was a mess
My pops laid in rest
Our leaders where just pests
With eyes on T.Dot (Toronto)
She cried to her God
and applied to the government
So I come from the south
And via the West
I'm taking east North

Now everybody bounce (elele)
Show them they can't hold us down
Now everybody bounce (again)
Tell them they can't stop us now
Now everybody lean (and come back)
With your two feet in the ground
Gbe si le
Gbe soke
If they tell you no way
Make you yann them No way
Make dem Jasi


Mama Cass
Se won ma Jasi?
Duro e j'en fi ata si

Mama Cass
Se won ma Jasi?
Duro e j'en fi ata si

Here we go x 3
Take it slow,
but to ba jinan
O ma yo
Mo Ma yo
A ma yo

Mama Cass
Se won ma Jasi?
Duro e j'en fi ata si

Verse 2:

They call me eMJOY
I'm an NVOI
Nigerian voice of inspiration
Canadians nod in confirmation
An every station is my location
Till every nation know transformation
by heart invasion
shout out the Saviour
For His transportation
In abbreviation,
I'm here to Make sure


Break it down x3
Pull it up x3
Break it down x3
Pull it up x3
Lo le x3
Loke x3
Gbe si le,
Si le
Loke... Oke



Yea yea, yea yea, yea yea (repeated)